Toys in the attic!

The list of projects I've started and hardly maintain

Some of them use third-party APIs that might no longer exist

  1. 2011: Kilr0y Lua demo game about a suicidal guy
  2. 2012: Furgol Translate from square [kilo]meters to footbal fields! |↗↗
  3. 2013: Cómo hace Check the weather at your current location |↗↗
  4. 2014: Bowie Become aware of the space debris with this Mario-like JS game level |↗↗
  5. 2014: NASA pics Nasa Picture of the Day automatic viewer
  6. 2015: Croquetas Madrid Quick map of croqueta bars in Madrid |↗↗
  7. 2015: fillCanvas JS demo, compare two canvas
  8. 2015: Desigual JS Transform any website in a Desigual design
  9. 2016: Club 27 Check how many members of that club I surpassed on life |↗↗